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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Alhamdulillah yah

Assalamu alaikum wr. wb.

Welcome to our blog, mac, sist and bro!! Firstly we want to thank to our lecturer who motivated us to make this blog as requirements for fulfilling our assignment assessment of “Advance Computer” course. Content of this blog is about lesson plan, in order to approach web based learning method. Certainly, we will specify only one subject as the topic of our lesson plan. With that lesson plan, we expect for you to boost learning interest in that subject.

Considering the extent of English subject is very wide, we specified more our topic in Speaking, in here, we aim to improve the learner ability in speaking by providing several examples of sentence that they can choose to be used. The expected reader of this blog is the Junior High School Student. Therefore, we deliberately assist them with Bahasa Indonesia introduction of each article posed.

We also provide a “SHARE BOX” in this blog to enable you share something, critic or pose questions to us. If you have other examples of lesson plan, you can share it here by emailing us at ngeoong@gmail.com.  We will immediately post your shared lesson plan in “FRIENDS” column. For more detail, contact us by texting to our number (look at “PROFIL” column) or emailing us at ngeoong@gmail.com.

As the closure, we hope this blog can be beneficial for us, both in increasing English insight, and in designing a web based learning.

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